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We uniquely tailor a branded and mobile-friendly website for your restaurant. Your website will be SEO optimized and hitting the top of searches within days.

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Our team is available 24x7, ready to assist you, answer your questions.

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You can track your orders and manage your business right from your IOS or Android cell phone. Send out instantaneous coupons and share messages directly to your customers.

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allHungry.COM is the secret ingredient of a successful restaurant business.

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IOS & Android Mobile Applications

We can help you have your custom-tailored mobile applications from which your customers can place orders solely from your restaurant without even engaging any other restaurants.
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allHungry.COM makes it a piece of cake for restaurants to reach their customers via social media campaigns, google search boosting, bulk email marketing, push notifications, and SMS messages.

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As allHungry, we have been in the field and have been providing the best services to our restaurants since 2013. We are here for your service 24x7, you can contact us anytime. Here's what some restaurants are thinking about us:

“When we were launching our new pizzeria, we were referred to allHungry.COM for our online orders, and it was a huge game changer for us. It was an instant level up for our whole brand.”

Venice Pizza & Grill
Wilbraham, MA
“When we contacted allHungry.COM we weren't sure what kind of results could even be expected. But it is easy to say that they exceeded even our wildest expectations of what could be possible.”

Falls Pizza
Chicopee, MA
“We had worked with some other well known online ordering portals, but it was clear from the outset that allHungry.COM is different. The results speak for themselves. Easily recommended.”

Pizza Works
West Haven, CT
Trusted by Hundreds of Restaurants

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A tough question! We are a bunch of highly energized engineers working together to build the next generation of the Internet of things for your restaurant.

But formally, we are a Software Development company located in West Haven, Connecticut, specializing in developing products to take our clients, restaurant businesses to the next level through innovation and hard work. We have been doing this since 2003 (online systems since 2013).

We have dedicated staff for transferring your menus to our systems. You can fax your menu to (203) 836-8323 or email it to

The menu entry and updates are FREE during your membership.

There are a couple of ways included within this campaign for delivering online orders to your restaurant.
From the options listed below, by default, options 1 and 2 are enabled.

  1. Email: We can forward the order details to your email address.
  2. allHungry POS: This is a Point of Sale (POS) application that can run on your Android or IOS tablet. It can display your online orders and print them in your kitchen if you have a compatible printer.
  3. allHungry Tracker: allHungry Tracker is a mobile application (IOS and Android) by using which you can track your orders, push coupons, print receipts, and control online presence of your restaurant as needed.
  4. Fax: We can fax the order to your restaurant. Since you will have a printed version of the invoice, you can pass it around or keep it for your records.

By default, your customers can make both Cash and Credit Card payments. We take the associated bank fees for any Credit Card payment, which is 3% of the order total.

Allhungry Inc. makes daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly direct deposits to your bank account.

No, we do not provide delivery drivers.

Yes, we continuously monitor your user base and advertise your menu.

One of the best ways to advertise your online presence is through Google My Business (GMB). If requested, we can manage your GMB account on behalf of your business, free of charge.

Our marketing campaigns also use restaurants’ unique data. As an example, during a marketing effort, we may pull out your customers who haven’t been active for some time and try to win them over again for you.

Your FREE subscription ends after six months of service usage.

Your account will default to standard subscription programs after your subscription ends, depending on your average order volume. You can also call us before your subscription ends to close your account.

We charge 8% + 40 cents per order as the processing fee. Customers using this subscription do not pay for credit card processing fees.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Upon receiving your account cancellation request, we disable your shopping cart’s checkout functionality and start advertising your restaurant phone numbers instead. Your menu will remain online for your customers during this period unless you specifically put a request to make it offline.

We use your domain name,, to host your menu. Your customers directly land in on your menu, nowhere else. When you advertise your online menu, the advertised web address is uniquely associated with your business.

You can always publish your coupons in real-time through the Allhungry Tracker mobile application (IOS/Android). You can also contact us for menu changes, including for your coupons.